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A sprained ankle is an injury that happens on twisting & turning an ankle suddenly or awkwardly because it can potentially tear or stretch ankle tissues that keep ankle bones intact. Tissues or ligaments play a vital role in the stabilization of joints in aggressive movements. Here we will discuss how to avoid sprained ankles in our daily life. Sprained ankle appears when ligaments bear more stress and pressure than usual. Most injuries happen when we twist ankles outward.

Ankles are weight bearers. They are a crucial part that connects the foot and upper body. Therefore, an ankle sprain is always painful. This pain is almost unbearable no matter you are trying to walk or lying on the bed. However, many people are more prone to sprained ankles due to their body type, physiology, weight, and posture, etc.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankles

sprained ankle

Some common symptoms of sprained ankles are mentioned below:-

  • Swelling
  • Restricted motion
  • Feel a tendering pain on touching the ankle
  • Pain on standing up, moving and load-bearing
  • A feel of cracking sound at the time of injury
  • Ankle instability while standing or walking

How to Avoid Sprained Ankles – Methods

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We are going to share some authentic steps that will help you to prevent ankle sprains. It’s a common saying that prevention is much better than cure. So, keep the quick solution in mind especially if you are suffering from this injury.

Sneakers for Ankle Support

First of all, buy the best sneaker for ankle support. These sneakers are made by keeping ankle twisting in mind therefore they hold different and premium material that support ankles. So, wear shoes that are well fit and made for ankle support to avoid sprained ankles.

Sneakers for Flat Feet

Ankle twisting is more common in flat feet. Therefore you must select one of the best sneakers for flat feet that provides a cushioned and EVA midsole. This feature helps in foot balance and eliminates pressure from the sole. Thus prevents from inward twisting.

Sneaker for Overpronation

Overpronation is more common in flat feet people where the ankle rolls inward while walking and handling stress. Therefore, you need the best sneakers for overpronation to avoid ankle inward rolling. So, be careful while walking and running on uneven surfaces to avoid sprained ankles.


Posture is another factor that contributes a lot to sprained ankles. Some people, naturally, have a weak posture that results in ankles twisting while walking, running, or exercising. These people are more prone to injuries on hard terrain and uneven surface. Therefore, keep your body posture in mind and try to avoid highly-intense exercise and rough terrains. Similarly, if you are a sports person than a warm-up before and then go with a normal workout.


Similarly, weight also contributes to ankle twisting. The gain in weight or obesity may sometimes lead to ankle discomfort. This also happens sometimes in pregnant ladies. Therefore, it is essential to pay more attention when you walk and run. Additionally, you can use braces for ankle support. Last but not the least, try to avoid wearing heeled shoes.

Complications of Sprained Ankles

If you failed to treat sprained ankles than it will lead to serious complications. These complications could be prolonged if you didn’t pay attention to the problem and keep yourself continue with the same routine that put stress on ankles. Common ankle complication includes:-

  • Permanent instability of ankle joints
  • Ankle joint arthritis
  •  Chronic ankle pain

How to Treat Sprained Ankles

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Treatment of sprained ankles truly relies upon the nature and severity of the injury. There are certain self-help treatments for immediate relief but medical diagnosis and treatment are mandatory. A first and important solution is to select the right sneaker for ankle support. Secondly, keep some quick home solution in mind, which will help you in case of injury. Here we are going to mention some home remedies that will provide you temporary relief.

Foot Exercises

When you feel ankle discomfort & you are unable to stand up then you need some soft exercises that will grant relief. Swimming and band exercises help in strengthening the bands, ankles, and muscles. When you get some better results than you can move on to other exercises with the advice of the doctor. Keep in mind that these soft exercises will also hurt in the beginning.

Ice Massage & Rest

The most common of all remedies is to take rest and do the ice massage. Ice helps in the reduction of swelling. Ligaments also get some relief and you feel some less pain. Apply ice several times a day for 15 to 20 minutes and keep the foot away from heat. Similarly, don’t apply ice directly to the skin. Put it in some bag and massage gently. Besides, consult the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Home remedies work well on minor cases.

Work on Your Posture

As discussed earlier that some people are naturally prone to sprained ankles because of their posture. In this advanced era, we have a solution to almost everything. Therefore, if you have a weak body structure that is causing you instability by affecting your ankles and feet than consult your doctor and get expert advice. General Doctor may refer you towards a Chiropractor, which will align your body without any surgeries, cuts, and wounds.

how to avoid and treat sprained ankles

Proper Diet

Diet is a major factor that plays a vital role in the body whether you want to avoid injuries or you need to recover. The balanced amount of nutrients will strengthen your muscles, ligaments, and bones. A strong physical structure gets less affected by normal terrains and injuries. Whereas a weak body is more open to all types of illnesses and injuries. If you are facing obesity than you also need a proper diet with regular exercise. So, in any case, the importance of diet can’t be ignored.

Green Vegetables: Spinach, capsicum, kale, and broccoli, etc. falls in the category of green vegetables. Add the in your diets for sufficient natural supplements instead of relying on human-made multi-vitamins.

Lean Protein: Protein is an important nutrient that plays a role in building muscles, ligaments, and strengthening bones. Protein also helps in repairing the stress tissues. Eggs and milk are common examples of protein.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in collagen building. Therefore, keep proper intake of natural food providing vitamin C for example, citrus and moringa are the best sources of vitamin C.

Zinc & Collagen Sources: Add a sufficient amount of Zinc and Collagen providing food in your diet. Major sources of Zinc are red meat, Oysters, nuts, chickpeas, and whole-grain products. Whereas, Collagen is found in beans, eggs, fish, beef & chicken, etc.

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