best sneaker for nurses

Being a nurse means a hectic work life. You have to walk, run, and stand all day. Therefore, the need for the best sneakers for nurses in 2020 is inevitable. They need comfortable running sneakers that soothe their feet & cause less fatigue & pain. Nurses are not in a position to afford sores and painful feet. That’s why we’re going to discuss how to choose the right sneaker for nurses that provide them protection and comfort.

By keeping the workload of nurses in mind, best sneaker for walking and being on feet all day is inevitable. They need the right working shoe to provide maximum performance without worrying about feet. Therefore, we are going to present nectar of unbiased reviews of the best sneakers for nurses in 2020 with insights that will make your buying decision easy.


Skechers Women's D'Lites ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nurse Women's Velocity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Women's Comfort Flex⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Sport Sneaker⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reebok Work N Cushion 3.0⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nurse Mates Dove Oxford⭐⭐⭐⭐
K-Swiss Hypercourt⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ASICS Gel-Quantum 90⭐⭐⭐⭐
New Balance Women's 608v5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
KLOGS Footwear Nursing Clog⭐⭐⭐⭐
SoftWalk Meredith Clog⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Crocs Bistro Clog⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nike Women’s Air Max 90 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Skechers Energy - Afterburn Shoes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
MBT Men's Sport 3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Merrell Encore Gust Slip-On ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Keen Utility PTC Slip-On II⭐⭐⭐⭐


Budget Friendly
Worth Buying
Best Performance
  1. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

    Skechers Women's D'Lites Sneaker

    If you are searching for a casual, routine, and best sneaker for walking and being on feet all day, then Skechers D’lites is the right pick for you. This multi-purpose sneaker already acquired its place in public widely like hospital nurses, workouts, and even for cross-training sessions.

    Skechers D’lite’s construction quality offers you a flexible outsole of rubber that ensures superb traction. Whether you are on work or in a gym, a sense of protection will be there in your mind. Presence Cooling memory foam in Skechers D’lites midsole with ultimate comfort that makes it the best sneaker brand for nurses.

    A lightweight mesh material ensures in the construction of its upper that provides breathability. It is the most desired feature for both male and female nurses.

    Skechers D’lites material made it lightweight shoes. It’s essential to have such as feather-light use because of multi-tasking, and that is unattainable with rigid and heavy sneakers.

    Comfortability is another aspect, especially if you have to work in a 12-hour shift or if your job is to stand on your feet all day. Nurses have to face both of these situations daily. Skechers D’lites make it the best sneaker for work.

    It is also available in a plethora of colours, which the user selects according to the situation. Although white colours sneaker for the hospital is most favourite among nurses, besides this, some users have a problem with its durability due to heavy stitching and more leather overlays of leather in its upper.

    Protection of Skechers D’lites is twofold. Outsole traction is much improved, and secondly, its toe and heel protection are best, causing less fatigue and pain.

    • Comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Breathable
    • Seems little bulky
    • Some people notice early wear & tear

    Final Thoughts

    Skechers D’lites is the best affordable and inexpensive sneaker for nurses and all other people who workout and stand all day long. This sneaker brand will be the right choice for you.

  2. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical ShoeNurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Shoe

    Nurse Mate Velocity is very popular in nurses because of its style and fashionable features as compared to other sneakers. Overall it provides every benefit that nurses need in the best sneaker. It provides style, durability, support, and affordability. So, what else you will look in a nursing shoe?

    Padded sole confirms comfort while all-day walking. Better design cushioning adds more comfort and support. Besides, the breathable upper fabric keeps your feet dry and maintain coolness. Users rate this pair as well constructed for nurses because their feet muscles get less fatigued after all-day work.

    The outsole is exclusively designed to deliver outstanding stability and easy absorption of shock. Therefore, the impact on feet is minimized which keeps you energetic. Furthermore, cushioning protects feet from injury and pressure which your feet get while standing, running, and walking all day.

    A wide heel strike is introduced in this nursing sneaker to boost stability that reduces the heel pain. They are easy to maintain and clean. Some people would say that they are pricy than others, but we think that they are worth buying because of promising quality and comfort.

    • Added support
    • Strong toe box
    • Reduces foot stress
    • All-day comfort & support
    • Sizing issues for half size foot

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, we would like to recommend Nurse Mate Velocity as one of the stylish sneakers for nurses that ensures all-day comfort and reduces feet stress. If you are looking for this feature along with stylish pair than this is the right product for you.

  3. Skechers Women’s Comfort FlexSkechers Women's Comfort Flex


    Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex provides the best package of comfort & protection for nurses. Water-resistant and stain repellent smooth fabric with 100 % textile and synthetic sole with laces in upper give it a sporty look with absolutely no break-in time needed.

    Nurses need the most comfortable sneakers because of the long hour’s workload. Mostly suffers the pain of plantar fasciitis due to which they can’t walk and work. The majority of nurses keep looking for this type of sneakers and mostly ended up with some recommended ones like Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex.

    There are some clogs in the market, but professional nurses know the missing feature of waterproofing in them. If you feel some sort of bodily fluid on your feet, you will be stuck with clogs.

    Its equipped with air cool memory foam that will feel your feet are in heaven. At the end of the shift, you will feel no pain. Non-slip with breathable textile material adds ultimate comfort. Some people think rigidity, but it’s not hurting because it ensures durability.

    Water Repellent feature adds more value and uniqueness. The people who use to work in water conditions would love this fantastic sneaker. They work very well in the rain and while watering plants. The design is excellent not only for hospital workers but even for other works. Just pour a little water, and it is repelling quickly.

    • Best for plantar fasciitis
    • Air cool memory foam
    • Durable & flexible
    • No break-in time required
    • Didn’t find any

    Final Thoughts

    Skechers comfort flex is the best sneakers for nurses in 2020 that have plantar fasciitis issues. Presence of the best three attributes of water resistance, Air cool memory foam, and no-slip that make them a hot product for other workers than nurses who work for long hours.

  4. ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Women’s Tennis ShoesASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Women's Tennis Shoes

    Shoes have a crucial role in the daily routine life of nurses. The right selection of sneakers will save nurses from foot pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis that causes overall discomfort. That is why nurses keep on searching for the best tennis shoes.

    Athletic and tennis shoes are making a great space in the health care industry. They are selling like hot cakes among nurses without wearing clogs or typical footwear. Their build quality is much strong with excellent material that allows shock absorption, legs support and overall comfortability.

    Asics Gel Resolution 7 is one of ASICS’ most famous styles as they are simple yet promising high-quality tennis shoes that are tailored to furnish excellent overall experience in different challenging fields.

    With the “Gel Resolution,” this ASICS is manufactured with the best shock absorbing forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning system that protect your feet from cement & tennis court flooring. Absorbent gel plays its role during work by minimizing tiredness that will keep you active in your entire working shift. This feature makes it the best sneaker for work with back pain.

    100 % synthetic upper material makes it lightweight, supportive, and flexible but not undesirable twisting due to fitted midsole that reforms compression during the walk.

    PU Guard toe protector is assimilated in the front area of shoe for upgraded durability and protection. Whereas the collar and tongue are padded well to ensure the lowest irritation during running or walking around.

    The bottom of ASIC Gel Resolution 7 is made up of rubber sole which is abrasion-resistant and non-marking. Thus, it delivers optimized traction which helps in long life by less wear and tear.

    • Best cushioning
    • Long life
    • Forefoot & Rearfoot gel
    • Toe protection
    • Didn’t find any

    Final Thoughts

    ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe is the best sneaker for work that fulfills demanding physical needs like running or nonstop feet movement around work. Moreover, it comes in a variety of dashing colors other than white.

  5. Skechers Sport Women’s SneakerSkechers Sport Women's Sneaker

    A well-reputed for its comfort and style, Skechers produces another top of line sneaker variant for multi takers. Surprisingly adaptive, this pair can certainly get fits into different roles, including nurses. Let’s dig a little bit deeper to get a better understanding of its construction material and quality.

    It’s a comfort promising sneaker that is lightweight and engineered with memory foam insole. Furthermore, flex sole in midsole plays a vital role in added comfort. Upper mesh reduces its weight and you feel like walking on clouds. This versatile pair is useful both in the workspace and as casual wear. Sporty style yet professional make it the best sneakers for nurses in 2020.

    Memory foam, synthetic material, and mesh contain more space in its construction. These altogether are aligned well to support each other and delivers long-lasting durability with stylish looks. Shock absorption is fantastic that support well during a 12-hour shift on your feet. When combines with memory foam insole then provide a complete day comfort package.

    The design of the sole provides stability because it flares out from there. Furthermore, laces relate to the lowers part of the upper that provides more grip. This pair reasonably priced and comfort providing feature is worth buying.

    • Super light
    • Memory Foam
    • Breathable upper
    • Comfortable
    • Prolonged standing support
    • Exact size may feel tight

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, we must recommend this sneaker that provides extra comfort especially for the people who remain on a 12-hour shift. The price is very fair and affordable. A must-have sneaker for nurses.

  6. Reebok Work N Cushion 3.0Reebok Work N Cushion 3.0


    Reebok Work N Cushion3.0 is primarily designed to deliver all-day support and comfort. Spending a long time on your feet is easy now due to this fantastic pair. Let have a look at what’s inside them.

    The outsole is made of rubber that provides smooth walking on oily and wet surfaces. In this order, you remain safe from potential daily injuries. Reebok Kwik Close design integrates with upper leather to ensure customizable fit and sturdiness. Therefore, provide overall comfort which is the most demanding feature for prolonged support.

    This line is specially designed for the working environment. So, now you can wear and walk for all days long on your feet. The low cut design ensures freedom at each step and ensures smooth and quicker transitions. Generally, the price is not so high and its in range of every walking professional like nurses and other hospital staff.

    • Wet surface resistant
    • Oil surface resistant
    • Sturdy upper
    • Made for the work environment
    • Limited breathability

    Final Thoughts

    While keeping all facts in mind, they are probably good sneakers for nurses in this price range. Increased safety and stability ensure protection from bulky and heavy machinery in hospitals. Furthermore, they are affordable and not high in price.

  7. Nurse Mates Dove OxfordNurse Mates Dove Oxford

    Nurse Mate Dove was manufactured with nurses and clinical staff in mind. Overall, it’s a clean, abundant cushioning and stain-resistant sneaker shoe that proves themselves as one of the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. They are a basic work shoe, not fashionable looks, yet a smart choice.

    These pairs contain thick EVA cushioning that can be changed and removed easily. Dove has elastic edges and a padded collar that give a soothing effect to feet. With all this integration they are still light in weight and easy to slip off and on.

    The majority find them to be true in size but unfortunately, they don’t support wide feet. Built-in heel shanks ensure optimum arch support. Non-slip features will provide stability and keep your feet fresh and fatigue less. Price is not high for nursing professionals.

    • EVA cushioning
    • Great design for nurses
    • Stain-resistant
    • Slip-on
    • Feather light
    • Available in black & white colors only
    • Not for wide feet

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, we would like to recommend them for nurses who need a shoe-in specific color only. They are also best for undertraining or school nurses besides professional nurses and clinical staff.

  8. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis ShoeK-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

    K-Swiss is a California based American Footwear Company which is known for its good reputation for athletic footwear. Women’s Hypercourt is the top priority of many professional nurses because of excellent wearing comfort and floor support.

    Besides nurses, the Hypercourt Express is an excellent choice for outdoor sports activities like tennis and running. These sneakers are a lightweight, generous fit and provide better air circulation that keeps your feet dry and fresh.

    Draggaurd Rubber in combination with Aosta Rubber Outsole provides perfect foot positioning in the court. The breathable upper mesh keeps feet fresh and odorless. Padded collars ensure all-day ankle support during playing tennis or performing a hectic routine. Also, runners get responsive and quick play due to their overall design and great arch support.

    The lace-up system adds more in fitting the size as per your needs. They have a roomy area that will not cause irritation and rashes especially if you have bunions. If you have narrow feet naturally, then this may be a too wide sneaker for you.

    • Great sneaker for bunions
    • Spacious toe box
    • Very durable
    • Feels great
    • No break-in time required
    • Moderately priced that may be a budget constraint to some nurses
    • Wide for narrow feet

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, K-Swiss is the best tennis sneaker for nurses that provides arch support, lightweight and optimized air circulation. Nurses and other healthcare professionals face long shifts and hectic routine so it’s the best footwear for them that end up no pain.

  9. ASICS Women’s Gel-Quantum 90 Running ShoesASICS Women's Gel-Quantum 90 Running Shoes

    Mostly asked question is “what is the best sneaker for walking”. Well, all people are not the same and when we came to footwear than it’s mandatory to keep other people in mind along with high arch nurses. This Sneaker is best for high arches. It’s designed well to absorb shocks before it reaches to your joints.

    It holds the best synthetic quality mesh that results in the reduction of soreness while you are at work or running. The tongue and collars are padded to minimize ankle irritation.

    Fabric is of the breathable lining that aligns well with reliable supports and cushioning, this results in the long life of the shoe. Besides professional, you can wear it on casual occasions due to its versatile design and looks.

    It’s lightweight and flexible in response to each step taken. Like its predecessor Gel-Quantum 360, it’s more cushioned and comfortable. A peculiar hell gel guarantees day-long comfort when it is regulated with ortholite sock liner.

    Its overall ride is smooth with the help of Gel brand technology and midsole EVA material which results in a bouncy feeling. The rubber sole is perfect as it expands dynamically while touching the ground with almost no pronation. This results in shock absorption.

    • Provides snug fit
    • Stretchable upper
    • Color variety available
    • Versatile
    • Comfortable
    • Feels tight from top to some users

    Final Thoughts

    Keeping the affordability of Asics Gel Quantum 90 in mind, we declare it one of the best asic sneaker for nurses. This feature is admirable for nurses as it provides versatility. Generally, the Asics Gel Quantum 90 is exceptional for nurses and those who are hunting for the close-fitted and comfortable sneakers.

  10. New Balance Women’s 608v5     New Balance Women's 608v5

    New balance women’s 608v5 is a new supportive sneaker that provides all-day standing comfort with stability. We will dig deeper to have a look at its construction quality that makes it the best nursing sneaker.

    Overall, user reviews are much superb about new balance sneakers. Customers with feet issues are delighted and satisfied with their build, so it is the best for bone spurs, wide feet, and plantar fasciitis. You will walk without hurting your feet.

    The inner area provides a wiggling toe space that is best for standing all day users. It will also help in case you have grown toenails. Breathable interiors fit well with the inner by reducing moisturizers that keep your feet dry. Coming towards it upper, we found a well-cushioned tongue with dual density collars for extra comfort of ankles.

    Its good stitching makes it durable, and laces provide you to make the shoe super fit by tightening or losing them. Footbeds are removable, which gives you an option to insert soles/orthotics as per your needs.

    The slip-resistant feature is there that is crucial for nurses due to their demanding job requirements.  It boosts the shoe performance when added up with a rubber sole that performs well when contact with the surface.

    PU insert with molded EVA allows your feet to remain in a proper posture. When this aligns with memory foam, it gives maximum support by shock absorption and reducing pressure. So, reduce your plantar fasciitis pain with this feature, and you will see your joints comfortable. All these features make it the most comfortable nursing shoe.

    • Excellent arch support
    • Best toe space
    • Ankle support
    • Keeps feet dry
    • Don’t give a sporty look

    Final Thoughts

    Super active women needs this best work sneaker for women , which is new balance 680v5. Its built-in features make it outstand from its competitors. Overall feet comfort and toe movement with breathable upper makes it the best nursing shoes for women.

  11. KLOGS Footwear Women’s Nursing ClogKLOGS Footwear Women's Nursing Clog

    Clogs are mostly known as ultimate shoes for nurses, including other health care professionals. Naples clogs have a sturdy build, grip, and professional look. So, nurses consider them as an alternate of sporty looking sneakers.

    We are going to mention features of some best quality nursing clogs that will make your buying decision easier. Naples is considered as the best nursing shoes for women due to their TRUBase outsole that increases grip on slippery and wet surfaces that ensure stability.

    Its TRUComfort Insole provides immaculate arch support with microfiber. Exceptional cushioning reduces back pain, plantar fasciitis, leg pain, and feet pain. Naples nursing clogs are lightweight with a large toe box. Besides, TRUComfort Insole offers excellent cushioning to absorb shocks.

    Lightweight clogs also secure a roomy toe box along that ensure comforts for all day long. Slip resistance sole provides a relaxed walking to perform the daily job. The most popular colours clog for hospital workers is white and black. When colours combine with their qualities, it brings the outstanding performance of nurses. In other words, they feel more energetic.

    Use of genuine leather in the upper that gives it a competent look. Upper got a significant chunk in providing the shoe look and beauty, which is at its best in Naples nursing clogs. Although some nurses face the sizing issues, which is something to be noted before buying but still clogs have a reliable and secure market position.

    • Odour-resistant
    • Enough toe space
    • Resistance at the oily surface
    • Best grip
    • Sometimes sizing issues

    Final Thoughts

    Keeping the above all facts in mind, Clogs answers well about “what shoes do nurses wear”? It has a durable build with ample of benefits that align well with nurses’ professional routine.

  12. SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog SoftWalk Women's Meredith Clog

    They are built especially for nurses, by keeping their work routine in mind. Meredith Clogs are nicely designed to provide needed qualities and styles at affordable prices. Furthermore, they are available in a wide collection of patterns and colours.

    Insole footbed gives dual density which in result ensures excellent arch support cushioning. Many of the users reviewed them as true to size clogs. Additionally, these are also a great clog for nurses having wide feet. Provides great support and easy to wear clogs assures slip-resistant and great grip because of quality rubber sole.

    Perfect cushioning makes them lightweight and feel good while wearing. If we compare them with other sneakers and highly-priced footwear, they fall somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, complaints in peeling and cracking are there that cause less durability. However, the best nursing shoes contains quality material.

    • Wide variety of colors
    • Slip-resistant
    • Comfortable
    • Footbed with dual density
    • Lightweight
    • Fixed insole
    • Cracks and skins off are observed

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, we observe that Meredith Clogs are slip-resistant and comes in a variety of colours. If you are a wide feet nurse than it’s a right pick for you in comparatively less price.

  13. Crocs Bistro ClogCrocs Bistro Clog

    The list of best nurse’s shoes can’t be completed without adding something from Crocs. This famous brand has a good repute in comfortable clog production due to offbeat style and meeting demanding of an active working environment.

    These are specifically manufactured for chefs and nurses as both professions need to stand on feet all day or in long shifts. Shaft distance from the arch is almost equal to one inch. The appreciable comfort of the clog is enjoyable during work. Besides these crocs provides both flexibility and comfort.

    The outer body is thick and nice that provides safety and durability during walking all day in bulky machinery or hospital. They are lightweight and sufficiently supportive to perform well in 12 hours shift. The fully moulded design makes it very easy to clean even with ordinary soap and water. Besides they don’t soak water and dry quickly.

    Both men and women can use Bistro Clogs. Slip-resistant threads ensure to deliver non-slip shoes for both genders. Contoured footbed adds in the comfort as these clogs grants an enclosed toe design.

    • Slip-resistant
    • Comfortable
    • Great support during long shifts
    • Quick & easy cleaning
    • Lightweight
    • Not for outdoor use

    Final Thoughts

    In Conclusion, Bistro Clogs are best when you are looking for fun at work at an affordable price. Besides, they provide durability and comfort for professionals of food, hospitality and healthcare industry.

  14. Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Sneaker  best sneaker for nurses Air Max 90

    Another top-rated nursing shoe is Nike women air 90 max that will reduce one worry from your routine life. Let’s talk about its construction quality and features. Nike’s Air Max 90 has a chunky outsole. The exclusive pattern provides optimized traction that leaves no room for any complaint of losing grip. Nike adopts premium rubber quality that out lashes early wear and tear.

    Traditionally built insole engineered with perfect cushioning to absorb shocks. Therefore, no place for miserable shock absorbency sufferings. Outclass upper designing with breathable material keeps your feet odorless. Whereas, Padded collars and laces assure adjustable fitness.

    It’s an elegant compact shoe, but unfortunately, Nike introduces some latest features that added some weight. So, it is substantially heavier from some other sneakers. However, it didn’t affect its popularity.

    Inarguably, Air Max padding makes it the best Nike sneaker for nurses. Padding assures the maximum reduction of shock that results in the best joints and knees protection. As far as durability is concerned, entire build quality uses premium materials that support each other resulting in more strength.

    Nikes Air Max is the most stable, flexible, and supportive sneaker in the world. Its air max system provides excellent arch support & perfect bounce to natural feet movement.

    • Excellent for flat feet
    • Superb arch support
    • Breathable & responsive
    • Plush foam
    • Quick & easy cleaning
    • Supportive heel
    • Feels heavy to some

    Final Thoughts

    Our final verdict is that Nike Air Max 90 is top-rated work sneakers for women, healthcare workers, hospital staff, and runners. In other words, investing in such type of shoe is not regrettable. So, enjoy the everyday benefits by purchasing Nike Air Max 90.



    Unlike before, now we have male nurses all over the world. Here we are going to reviews some of the best sneakers for male nurses that ensure great features that will result in positive user performance.

  15. Skechers – Men’s Energy – After Burn Shoesbest sneaker for nurses skechers after burn

    Skechers are famous for developing and designing the best footwear that grasps the attention of men, women, and children. Talking about Skechers Men’s energy, the shoes contain upper of smooth leather with its logo stitched.

    This sneaker holds compression-molded and shock-absorbing midsole. This feature results in the painless walking as it absorbs jerks before it riches to feet and legs. Also, a soft tongue and padded cushioning provide great support while walking.

    High traction built-in quality ensures superior grip in rainy weather, wet conditions, oily, and slippery surfaces. These features are most supportive for folks who used to work for long hours and energetically like tennis players, athletes and nurses.

    Soft fabric shoe lining with rubber outsole makes long-lasting and sturdy. Heel size is 1.5 inch improves the height. Therefore, it boosts confidence & stability. It has changeable insoles that can be replaced with orthotics for extra comfort if needed. Overall soles are thick, which ensures maximum stability.

    Beside, Nurses Skechers Men’s Energy is much accessible in trial hikers and regular runners due to enhanced protection & supportive feet characteristics. Overall appearance is bulky, but actually, they are light in weight, making them ideal sneakers for sports also.

    • Fit in size
    • Best for podiatrist’s feet
    • Excellent responsiveness
    • Good for cement floors
    • Quick & easy cleaning
    • Fairly priced
    • Bulky looks

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, Skechers Men’s Energy shoes are famous for different trades in life. Our final verdict about this variant is that it is the best shoes for nurses in 2020, especially males. Long-lasting build, traction, heel support, and shock absorption make it top-notch sneaker.

  16. MBT Men’s Sport3 Walking ShoeMBT Men's Sport 3 Walking Shoe

    MBT sport 3 is one of the top-notch male nursing shoes. Its construction quality is primarily focused on walking comfort. It helps much in keeping your back straight that will improve your body posture while walking.

    Both mesh and synthetic leather make their upper. This combination makes it the best walking shoes for nurses and athletes. Exclusive sensor technology upholds natural body balance that results in minimized fatigue.

    A different and exclusive rocker bottoms made walking effortless. They are shock absorbent due to their non-marking rubber sole. Removable foot mesh in installed for natural walking on uneven surfaces. It can be replaced if somebody wants to.

    MBT sports 3 is both sporty and walking shoes due to inbuilt latest features. Upgraded cushioning and support with a perfect blend of abrasion-resistant rubber ensure no black marks. Besides nurses, a regular walker found it a perfect sneaker for walking.

    Extended comfortability assures 10 to 12 working that makes sport 3 best shoes for male nurses. Also, cement floor workers are happy for wearing them for 10 hours shifts. Although some users complain about the narrowness that can be managed by changing insoles.

    • Eliminate foot pain
    • Best for straight and long shifts
    • Good arch support
    • Breathable
    • Feels narrow to some

    Final Thoughts

    If you are a male nurse than Sport 3 is the best sneaker for hospitals and nurse shoes at the same time because of its optimum build quality. Therefore, you can use it during the evening or morning walk and job also. No need to spend extra if you have a limited budget.

  17. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On ShoeMerrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

    History of Merrell shows that they produce the best sneaker for professionals like nurses. Besides, they provide other products that are very famous among blazed trails, backpackers, and other professions that need comfortable footwear.

    Let’s come to Merrell Encore Gust construction quality. The outside of this nursing shoe is made of 100% full-grain leather that makes exterior sleek. Available eye-catching colours are black and brown. The best feature of this slip-on shoe is great comfort with a professional look. Soles are nicely thick that ensure best cushioning and great stylish looks with leather on them.

    Merrell slip-on shoe is also a great fit for wide feet. In normal foot size, they always fit as expected with a very easy feature of slip-on and off. Therefore, saves a lot of time in case you are scrubbing your feet several times a day. Heel measures approx. 2 inches with a supportive sole and padded collars.

    Shock absorption is optimum and perfectly supported by Merrell air cushioning system. The compress moulded EVA foot frame provides stability and added comfort. Similarly, Ortholite footbed support feet at every step. Furthermore, breathable mesh lining wicks will keep your feet dry all day long. Excellent arch support is ensured by moulded nylon arch shank.

    • Ortholite footbed
    • Comfortable
    • Quick slip-on & slip-off
    • Support wide feet
    • Keeps feet dry
    • Available in back & white only

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, we would recommend Merrell Slip-on shoe to nurses especially who need to take off and on shoe several times a day. They are a great choice to spend a busy day while keeping your feet dry. All these qualities made them the best sneaker for nurses.

  18. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On II-M  

    Keen Utility Men's PTC Slip-On II-M

A lot of health professionals like nurses, clinical staff, and other healthcare workers love Keen shoe because of good and valid reasons. Most male nurses admire it due to its quality if feet pampering throughout all shifts. Anyhow, they are only available in black leather that is a colour limitation but suits well with the majority dress code of professional nurses.

Coming on its construction quality, Sole is made of rubber with additional featured of anti-slip and road grip that keep you moving on at oily and wet surfaces. This PTC Slip-on provides great feet safety in tough conditions. Moreover, patented toe protection ensures ultimate security and stability. The PTC Dress features a perfect cushioning with a superb combination of PU, memory foam and cork that contour feet and adjust them throughout the day. They grant a wide toe box which is mandatory for wide feet nurses for smooth and fatigue fewer transitions.

The midsole is compression moulded that reduces sweating to its minimum level. Furthermore, elastic panel and stability shanks add-in supporting your feet and keep your working without fatigue and worries. Overall these shoes are best to spend the whole day. Also, its upper leather is stain resistant that makes cleaning easy. Removable footbed ensures arch support if you insert a premium quality footbed that suits you. Another extra feature is the leather lining that contributes to the overall feet support and comfort.

  • Good stability
  • Feet Protection
  • Wide toe box
  • Stain-resistant
  • Removable footbed
  • Some people observe early wear & tear

Final Thoughts

In summary, we would like to recommend this PTC Slip-on shoe to a great community of nurses who have to create possibilities in their daily routine life.


After spending hours of research on different footwear that includes sneakers, running shoes, tennis shoes, clogs and crocs for nurses, we bring the best shoes for nurses in your knowledge so that you can go through each one of them and select the right product for you that suits your daily routine.

Keep in mind that the best quality sneaker will be high in price because of its premium material, added features, and long-lasting life. Low-quality sneaker tends to last for a season normally. If you need to change footwear on a regular or seasonal basis then this option is best for you. However, buying a quality sneaker is advised.

Professional with some sort of issues in feet should search well before making a buying decision because feet problems are not like winters and summers that will come and go. You may have to remain with the sneaker for a long time especially if the sneaker suits you. Therefore, give proper time and select the right product for your feet

What are the best shoes for nurses2020?

The best nursing shoes is the one that provides excellent construction quality that comprises of breathable materials with a perfect blend of antimicrobial linings. The best working shoes must be a good fit with a conducive style, non-slip sole, and stains resistant material.

We have spent hours of research to provide an immaculate sneakers guide for nurses. Our focus was to highlight comfortable nursing shoes in various categories to help nurses find the best match. Every detail will have crucial points into account, featuring some of the key benefits such as flexibility, comfort, and protection of that specific product.


Some common and most used types of nursing footwear are discussed below that will help a lot in making your buying decision easy.

Tennis & Sports Shoe

Tennis & sports shoes also fulfill the needs of nurses due to matching and enhanced features. General athletic shoes are widely available and due to promising features, they have become a prominent option for nurses.

Normally comfort and performance levels are higher in tennis sneakers for nurses due to well-known and up to date research of the manufacturing industry. Besides, a variety of design, colour, and style also makes them a hot trending among nurses and healthcare professionals.

Most delivering features include traction, shock absorption, safety, arch support, lightweight, air circulation, and overall feet comfort and supportiveness. Therefore, nurses tend to go to tennis sneakers as they have to perform well during work, reducing foot fatigue and pain during long 12-hours shifts. In this way, tennis footwear could potentially prove themselves as the best sneaker for nurses.


Besides sneakers, clogs appear in our list as another potential option for nurses. They are also designed in such a way to provide arch and heel support in daily challenging routine. Furthermore, the protective designing of clogs aligns well with the busy environment of healthcare professionals.

Mostly clogs have a similar design. They are open from the backside and closed from the toe side. However, optional designs may have a rear strap to secure the foot balance. Similarly, the new design offers a closed back to supportive heel for more stability and grip.

Clogs manufacturers are now focusing on the best material to provide added features of slip resistance and traction. Besides many clogs now have toe protection, optimum arch support, and waterproof material. All these enhanced features make them good footwear for nurses.


Another addition to the nurse’s footwear is crocs. They are also well familiar with nurses, food, and healthcare professionals. Usually, they are made off croslite also known as foam resin with a closed heel construction. Normally, they have closed air vents in the front area that support air ventilation.

Furthermore, they are also available with open front ends but closed fronts are better as they protect against germs and bacteria. Therefore most hospitals don’t allow to use open front crocs. Somehow, crocs are similar to clogs because of their open backside. But almost all crocs contain a strap for grip and support.

Some people buy crocs on medical or Podiatrist advice because they get feet problems after wearing shoes for a long time. So, crocs are best for them to provide enough comfort and air due to a well-ventilated design that ensures maximum air exposure.

Why Right Pair of Nurses Shoes is important?

Nursing is one of the most challenging professions. Normal routine is to work for a 12-hours long shift and working all day on foot. Normally a nurse spends half of the day in hospital while working, walking, and running on their feet. The majority of them get feet issues due to the continuous body and workload on feet. Here is the point when they need the right sneaker that supports them during work.

Wearing unmatched or uncomfortable shoes under heavy workload will lead to potential injuries and feet issues. Besides, you will not be able to focus on work if you have feet problems. Wrong footwear and ill-fitting sneaker shoe will never provide the right support that you are looking for. You have to select the best sneaker according to your weight, feet structure, size, back pain, leg & knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and daily routine matters.

By keeping all facts in mind, we would recommend you spend some time in the search of the right pair of sneakers for nurses. It will provide you with benefits and some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Reducing overall major issues like plantar fasciitis
  • Minimize foot pain
  • Provides back support that results in reducing back pain
  • Prevents serious issues like overpronation, injuries, and spinal problems
  • Provides proper balance to the body by distributing equal weight and pressure
  • Helps in eliminating feet stress and discomfort to increase better performance
  • Reduces fatigue that can lead toward the development of further serious issues like blisters and bunions etc.

Common foot problems due to wrong nurse’s sneakers

We have explained very well about the selection of the right sneaker. Now we are going to tell you about major feet issues that can develop on wearing wrong and ill-fitted sneakers if you ignore them in early stages. This is happening now because professionals think that it’s only a normal pain that will vanish away with time but it’s not so. Common feet problems are mention below:-

Spine and Knee Injuries

Spine and knee injuries are common due to the wrong posture. Ill-fitted sneakers don’t provide proper support in posture correction that impacts negatively on the body that eventually results in misaligning on the entire body. Furthermore, it’s not natural for knees and spinal cord to sustain due to prolonged ill-fitted shoes that cause the wrong distribution of weight.

If you are wearing wrong footwear than you will not get any feet support which will create a negative impact on your joints. An extra force will be redirected towards joints due to imperfect balance caused by bad footwear. Therefore, keeping hospital staff in mind, the best shoes for nurses in 2020 is inevitable.

Disturbed joints will result in body posture. After all, all this can develop a shift in pelvic positioning. In this case alignment of pelvic and spine will be disturbed which can potentially result in the development of a status known as “Vertebral Subluxation”. Therefore, the selection of right and the best sneaker is mandatory to avoid all this mess.

Things to Consider


Things may look simple in purchasing a new pair of sneakers but the reality it’s a little bit tricky. Good quality shoes are not cheaper because of the premium material and added features. Clogs and typical stiff style shoes have significant occupancy in professional life, but when we are discussing the best sneaker for hospital workers than we need much softer and sportier options because we have a long day ahead. Consider the following points to select the best supportive sneakers for nurses.

Excellent Arch Support

Comfortable sneakers for nurses are helpful in less fatigue, flattening, pronation, and foot pain. For this purpose, consider the feature of excellent arch support. Normally we consider only two types of arches i.e. high arches and flat or shallow arches but normal arches are also there, which need the right footwear for proper support.

Correct Size

You must not take this thing for granted. Everybody knows about their foot size. However, some sneakers get fit when ordered half size more than your actual size. It’s not a manufacturing fault. Every manufacture has its way to design a product. Therefore, the design and material may cause some tight-fitting in actual size.


Decent traction is a basic feature of nursing shoes. Running around all day in rushy areas, uneven, oily, and slippery surfaces demand traction. Only finding a shoe with a good bottom is not enough. It may cause you to fall flat on your face. Sneaker with good traction is a need of time.

Wide Toe Box

Professionals primarily related to food and healthcare sector need sneakers that have a wide toe area as it helps to expand feet naturally all day without making them feel.

Slip Resistance

In hospitals, most of the time, sanitizing and moping are going on that are done by spilling liquids which can cause serious injuries by making the floor surface wet. Good slip-resistant walking sneakers for nurses are mandatory here.

Lightweight & High-Quality Material

Since nurses have to work in 12 hours shifts with almost continuous walking. Need of best shoes for nurses on feet all day is imperative, which are breathable, high in quality in less in weight to perform routine duties.

Protection with Comfort

We all know that hospitals have delicate apparatus, large and heavy machinery that can fall on your feet. You need a sneaker that provides stability with comfort against potential daily hazards.

Build Quality Material

Another important feature material quality of the sneaker shoe. Here we will discuss bout upper and sole construction. Upper is most important for safety, comfort, and durability. If designed with low-quality material then you will face overall issues like early cracks, less breathability, and a feeling of hard-wearing. So, don’t get seduced by classy and shiny looks.

As far as the sole is concerned, it should be strong and supportive. It must have shock absorption quality and premium rubber construction material that provides traction and keep you safe on different surfaces. Search for a wipe to clean soles with suitable tread in the bottom, which are crucial for perfect grip.

Style, Color, and Pattern

The majority of famous manufacturers are now producing sneakers in different colours and styles. Although some hospital restricts their staff to follow the dress code but here we are talking about the nurses that have an option to choose any sneaker for them. So, nurses and other hospital staff, can you select from a variety of colours from the manufacturer for style and classy looks.


Invest in Quality Sneakers

Always go for a premium quality sneaker. Because they offer the best benefit for the long term. Spending money on buying cheap shoes will may you pay two folds. First, you will have to spend again to buy another pair and secondly the pain and fatigue during work life will not be reduced. Therefore, you will suffer physically and financially.

Low price sneakers can only offer low-quality material. Therefore, the build construction is also compromised to reduce the cost. Similarly, price alone can’t determine the best shoe, but you should not sacrifice quality for some extra bucks. The quality sneaker will bring your feet, back, legs and whole body in a thankyou position for providing them comfort and free from stress.

A Must-Have Second Pair

Having an extra pair of sneakers is always appreciated. It is a great option for nurses because it will break the habit of wearing, again and again, the same old shoes. Also, if your old shoes are favourite than the new pair will give them relief and they will last for a long time.

New pair will give you another feel and features that will increase your shoe knowledge. How your sneaker supports your feet when you move on a different surface and how they keep the balance of your body etc. All this experience will come when you will own different pairs.

Some nurses have one pair of sneakers and another pair of clogs. Whenever they get time to relax feet or work at the table, they use to wear clogs because they are easily wearable. Thus, they provide natural comfort to their feet. A second pair is also good if you are suffering from foot ailment or other medical conditions. In this way, you can reduce unwanted stress and pain.

Select Features Not Only Looks

Let’s suppose that you have a situation between the two shoes. One is stylish with brighter looks and the other is well built but not as stylish as other. So, which sneaker you will adopt. We suggest you select the best qualities providing sneakers over the stylish one that only looks good. After all, you have to spend most of the time walking and standing in them.

Best shoes for nurses are equipped with features like heel protection, breathable upper, traction, slip-resistant, spacious toe box, and overall comfort and support are necessary in normal cases. However, for other people that are facing some issues like plantar fasciitis, overpronation or shallow arches might have different and upgrade choices.

Furthermore, a nice looking will attract your attention but don’t get deceived by its looks only. You are going to spend money and in return, you need comfort and support. If a good looking is also providing features of the best sneaker than take it otherwise leave it. Besides, neutral or selected colours could be your friend and potentially match your dress code. Above all, don’t sacrifice your feet comfort and health over good looks and fashion.

Shoe accessories

Last but not least, address your problem wisely. You may need to do some change in your sneaker that will serve the purpose. So, try to solve the minor issues by getting shoe accessories instead of buying a new pair. For example, if you need to change the insole than select the premium quality insole which fulfills your needs. Other accessories may include compression socks, dirt cleaners,

Narrow Shoe Selection

Sometimes selecting a sneaker could be tricky if you have less knowledge. Especially, when you have several best sneakers for nurses in 2020. Here you can help yourself in the following ways:-

Healthcare facility recommendations

Healthcare facility who deal with the feet issues is known as Podiatrist. He is a specialist that knows well about your feet, their problems, and solutions. If you are confused about a footwear or your feet structure than consult a podiatrist nearby for a quick solution.

A specialist will diagnose your feet structure at first and then will ask you some questions related to feet issues, and your work routine, etc. On analyzing your body weight, feet size, and structure, he will suggest you the best sneakers for standing all day, walking around, or that suits your situation.

Read online reviews

Best sneakers for nurses in 2020 can be found by simple online searches. You will find aloo t legitimate sites that are providing reviews about the product. Only you have to be patient and give proper time in reading the reviews and then finally selecting the best sneaker for you.

Online reviews help you in many ways. First, they save you from physical fatigue and tiredness that you face by visiting the market for purchasing. Secondly, reading articles about the best shoes for nurses in 2020 will give you exact knowledge about the product and you will save a lot of money after getting the right product. Thirdly, you will be able to differentiate between a variety of available sneakers.

Reviews will give you insights about all the best sneakers that you may never know while visiting a store. Here you will be fully in charge of yourself. You have to spend some time to get a good amount of product knowledge that will end up making your mind clear about the sneakers, types, and qualities. Most important, you will find the right sneaker for you.

Get Co-worker’s Advice

Another common and most used way is a word of mouth. Your co-workers and friends are a major source of valuable information. In the case of nurses it very easy to get advice from colleagues. You know the routine of each other and can discuss the feet problem. Because everybody belongs to the same profession, therefore, understanding the core issue is very easy.

Experienced nurses who spent many years in the nursing profession are well aware of the developing issues and feet structure. Considering their advice will lead towards best sneakers that will save your time, cost, and provide you the desired comfort and results.


What are the most comfortable shoes for nurses?

A comfortable nursing sneaker is the one that provides overall feet comfort. Padded ankle cushioning, wide toe room and breathable mesh, supportive upper, a cooling gel in the bottom, traction providing sole make a sneaker comfortable for nurses.

What are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day?

Nurses’ profession needs all day standing and walking continuously. Therefore they need suitable shoes for all-day standing. Some nurses may have plantar fasciitis that causes more pain and fatigue. So go the plantar fasciitis shoes in this case.

What Nike shoes are good for nurses?

Nike is one of the top manufacturers of the best sneaker brand for nurses. They already introduce top of the line variants for the healthcare professional. However, we have reviewed their top-performing Nike Women’s Air Max 90 sneaker in this article.

What are the best clogs for nurses?

A clog is another footwear that popular in many nurses because of its easy and quick slip on and off quality. We have reviewed Crocs Bistro Clog and KLOG women’s clogs in this article so that nurses can select the best possible match.

Do Skechers have good arch support?

Yes. Skechers does have good arch support. Especially if your profession needs it then you must go for arch supportive shoes. At the end of the day or shift your feet will say thank you to you for keeping them happy and comfortable. Athletic Mesh fiber, smooth synthetic upper with supportive cushioning, padded insole, and outsole makes a good arch support sneaker.

How can I look good as a nurse?

5 Tips on How to Look Great in Your Nursing Scrubs

  1. Choose a scrub that suits your skin.
  2. Select an open collar or deep V neck scrub.
  3. Prefer the right size.
  4. Wear good socks.
  5. Match your pants with tops. Protection Status
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